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Jan 5, 2013 9:00am EST
with the inauguration as well as martin luther king jr. day. the committee has a list of ways to serve on its website at >>> you can bet that quite a few of the hundreds of thousands flocking to the national mall will have smart phones. cell phone companies are getting ready. "the washington post" says at least nine temporary cell phone towers are coming to places around the mall. the change comes after many complained about slow service at the last inauguration caused by bandwidth congestion. that was before many people had more high capacity smart phones. >>> and it's a sign we're in the digital age. billions of tweets are being archived for the purpose of history. the library of congress says it's collected about 170 billion tweets in the last three years. twitter is apparently donating much of its archive to the library. what's likely to be the most noteworthy? the very first tweet posted back in 2006. a viewer said inviting co-workers was the first tweet. librarians are working on a way to store and search all of the messages, which is kind of scary. >> you never tweet me in
Jan 5, 2013 3:55pm EST
progressively eroded over time. more mr. cain could appeal to that idea -- martin luther king could appeal to that ideal. the real double standard now is between the rich countries and the poor countries. all the poor countries will be condemned to not have this positive change in freedom. >> can i just pushed back with another brick, india? they are doing pretty well. huge democracy. many parallels with the u.s. look at what happened to indian growth. huge excitement. double-digit growth. growth has completely stalled. it is now 5%. a huge number of supply-side problems. there is a lot of things that everyone knows it needs to get done. one is a democracy. is perhaps this analysis too determinstic? >> we do not decide on global warming on whether today is a warm day or not. we are talking about 11 predictions. -- we are talking about long-term predictions. the long one prognosis is much better than china's. democracy is much more than a majority vote elections. there is massive corruption and vote buying. all the stuff is the stuff you have to transition out of to realize york democratic
Jan 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
from it? >> guest: just the same thing, just the same thing. i mean, i think what martin luther king said in the '60s that 11:00 on sunday morning is the most segregated hour in america still holds true and that we still need to--we can all stand to get to know each other a lot better. c-span: this is the book and the cover shows a--as we talked earlier, a photograph that no one knows where this picture was taken. it's everywhere, america. "walking on water," by randall kenan, our guest. thank you very much for joining us. >> guest: thank you for having me. a. >> to redesigneredesigned booknotes web site now features over 800 notable nonfiction authors interviewed about their books. there you can be all the programs, look at transcripts and use this searchable database to find links to the authors logged, facebook page and twitter feed. a helpful research tool and a great way to watch and enjoy the authors and their books. >> here's a look at some upcoming book fairs and festivals happening around the country. the 31st annual key west literary seminar is in florida from
Jan 5, 2013 7:00am PST
a marble structure. >> and martin luther king, and mary anderson and that sort of thing, but it was strategic rather than principled in some really critical ways, and that is why it is the rebellious states and not the border states. >> yes, absolutely it was strategic, but one of the things that is important is from the very beginning as a senatorial candidate, as a presidential candidate, lincoln was in fact committed to the end of slavery as a principled matter and made it very clear that his personal aversion to the institution of slavery as a kind of abomination to the world, and to what democracy and liberty stood for was not his constitutional mandate or his political one. and the complications of strategy have to do with saving the union and preserving the union to the point of a military victo victory. so it gets really complicated, and in some ways it is understandable why there is so much misinformation. >> well, if you were one of the 1.2 million-plus human beings caught in the intergenerational chattel bondage, the motivations of lincoln are probably less im
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4